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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. at this time, school districts are taking every perceived threat seriously. they are finding out new
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details about the shooter in last week's shooting. and a drive goes through a game -- and car goes through a game stop store. we will have a look ahead and what looks to be a rainy weekend. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us december 18l1thl0, i am pam cook. >> steve is here, i don't need my umbrella this morning? >> well, frost advisories are out for tomorrow and a frost out for wednesday morning. it will be a chilly cold day and low 50s for many inland
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areas. here is sal. we see slow traffic coming to the willow pass grade, no major problems and the commute looks good if you are driving south, let's go back to the desk. they are cleaning up from a video store. tara moriarty is there so this is not an accident, correct? >> reporter: this was done on purpose. we were the first crews to arrive and we thought it might be an accident but no, it was deliberate. you can see crews have now board up the store. here is a dramatic look at the car parked inside the store and they smashed through in order to make a brazen burglary. the incident happened shortly before 4:00 a.m. this morning. it triggered the alarm and police arrived just after
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4:00. police were running the license plate and they believe the car was stolen. the driver is nowhere to be seen. officers found iphones missing from the display case and they are not sure if they ran away. she was shocked. she said somebody threw a rock through the window but nothing like this never. obviously they will be closed for business today and there is a video camera in the store but it is pointed towards the cash register so it is doubtful they will have it for the burglary. again all of this damage for a couple of iphones, live in concord, tara moriarty, which the which the. many bay area schools are
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on high alert. they are in pleasant hill which had police searching two local campuses. they are not taking any perceived threats lightly in the wake of that shooting in newtown. a threatening phone call prompted an investigation. he sent a recorded message explaining the content of that phone call. >> at 10:00 a.m., the caller stated you are next and hung up. the school uponned by immediate -- responded by immediately calling the police department and closing down the schools. all teachers did a great job
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and made sure everything was okay and police arrived and searched both calm campuses the police superintendent said a full investigation has been launched and they are trying to determine where that phone call came from. when parents came they came to check on their kids and any parent who has been fingerprinted and can volunteer to be part of patrols and they are encouraging parents to be involved as an extra layer of security. ktvu channel 2 morning news. an 18-year-old is accused of posting online threats. sergio was or priested -- was arrested yesterday and he said he supports what the gunman did
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and he has access to firearms inside his home. in the meantime, we are getting new information about the mother of the shooter. people who new nancy lanza said she was devoted to her children. one man said she would come to school and help her son who was a quiet child and help her son. in the meantime she would also help friends and strangers. they are not sure why he would target her. they wanted information at the gunman's hand because he destroyed it with a screwdriver and hammer before the massacre. >> the names and ages of those
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were red allowed. 20 tiny flames represented the young lives taken way too soon. 8 large candles were lit for school staff, the gunman's mother and the gunman. two vigils will be held, one will be held in the park. and the sikh community will hold a vigil on rockville road. anybody who attend is encouraged to bring notes, showing support for the victim's families. gun sales are surging in many parts following the school shooting. coming up,, i know you are watching the roads and tolls and everything else, sal?
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starting off with the toll plaza, it looks like the metering lights have been turned on and traffic is get egg busier and brett -- getting busier and soon it will be filled all the way to the interchange. 101 traffic does look good getting to the 880 split and problems look good heading to the airport. we are looking at it steady and slow and it slows down at the 680 interchange and it is still a decent drive from 880 to fremont. it will be colder, breezy, sun maybe a few clouds popping up along the coast, already freeze warning and that's 24 hours from now. a lot of it depends and it will
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be much colder tomorrow morning. a rainy pattern kicks in on thursday with mountain snow and the big news is the temperature drop and we will focus on the rain as we head towards thursday. for some of the higher elevations, low 50s with inland areas and you can see how it pops up but it is being supported and it just simply falls apart. all overall, you will see 30s on the coast. antioch is in there. sari prinzessin von anhalt is at -- san rafael is at 37 degrees. ukiah is at 32. redding and that is also 37 degrees. some of the shower activity can hug cape mendocino or points
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along the coast, but colder and breezy today, and a few clouds over the hills. generally there there could be a few 50s. and it is slightly warmer by the bay. cold into tomorrow morning, maybe towards the santa cruz mountains and we will have heavy rain on sunday. there was gunfire at an apartment complex in pennsylvania. a standoff lasted nine hours and we will have more on how it all ended. new information linked to the jenny riviera plane crash. the television reporter
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talked about the psychological torture and kidnapping they received at the hands of their captors in syria. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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richard engel was released after being held captive for five days. that is chief foreign
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correspondent richard engel and they were kidnapped last thursday, they crossed into syria from turkey and they were tied and blind folded until they were released following a gun battle at that checkpoint. >> we are very happy to be out and to be back in turkey. we love being here, we love this country and we appreciate the help. the last five days are days we would rather forget. >> richard engel speaks flaunt arabic. he said they were not physically abused and they would ask him which hostage should be shot first and when they refused there were mock shootings. they sold a plane to late pop star jenny rivera have a. they were killed in that plane crash.
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the l.a. times reports, in 2001 a ban backed out to purchase from the same executive. they sued saying the plane was unacceptable. a public memorial was held. a deal could be close and as carla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, they believe an agreement could be reached, here is more. >> reporter: they say the white house can reach a deal as early as tomorrow and that would mean lawmakers could go home for christmas and the country could avoid going over the fiscal cliff. president barack obama wants to raise income taxes on households making more than 400,000 a year and he has offered 1.2 trillion in revenue and cuts stand at 132 billion
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and house speaker john boehner said that is not a balanced approach. they want to do something and that's something democrats have been bulging on a bit. house speaker -- house speaker john boehner has more on that and that's something we will talk about in just a bit, here is more. >> a suspect is now dead after a nine hour standoff in harrisburg,pennsylvania. [ gunshots ] >> police say 24-year-old abel roman started shooting when they went to serve a warrant. the shootout continued for several hours. one police officer was wounded in the hand and when they entered that apartment, they are not sure whether he was hit by his own bullet or by police
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bullets. they first reported the arrest saturday after talking with our sources. the suspects have not been identified yet, bobby tar attain and the girls were gunned down. they have not given us any information about a possible motive. and a teenage girl died on a bay view area sidewalk. she was found unconscious. police say she had only a faint pulse. paramedics were not able to revive her. police say they found signs of abuse at the girl's home. nationwide, they have seen an increase in sales. store owners say many people
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buy guns because they for a for their safety. it has likely prompted an increase in sales. dick sporting goods is pulling sent any automatic rifles from its shelves. it is removing all guns and it is out of respect from the victims and families of last week's shooting. not rick perry. now the solutions are being offered to a group of tea party supporters. there are no major ones and we had a couple of minor problems and we will take a look at some of these pictures but you might notice it is a little bit windy in our camera
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and you can see traffic is moving along well. northbound is on the right and southbound 880 is on the left. if you are driving to traffic, it looks good and is a nice drive. i have put up a picture of a shopping center and we have been talking about it. san hill road is closed at el comino road and they have tweeted they have arrested somebody for driving under the influence and they hit a hydrant and that person is now wearing handcuffs. let's go to steve. all right, we have north wind kicking in and we are a little stronger in some of the higher elevations on the coast. that seek walls cold, cold,
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cold -- very dry air is coming in around we could have a few build ups over the hills and they will continue to struggle lots of 30s and 40s and we have a frost advisory for the bay area and that's tomorrow morning. up stream we will focus on the combed on a low dropping in and it is cold and breezy for us and this low will move off the pacific northwest and thursday, snow will be around 3500 feet. compared to that and this will be call the way through sunday. and we will update once we get closer. sun and clouds, showers possibly to the north and cold
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and breezy is the main word. upper 40s , low 50s unless you are by the water's edge but not much. sunny with increasing clouds, rain kicks in thursday afternoon and carries everybody and with your weekend always in view it gets wet. what they are saying, it may be a danger to kids. and it could affect holiday travel, we will explain, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, time now 6:23, service workers may be going on strike. workers say they have not had a contract for months and they will go on strike unless a new deal is reached by thursday. they are at odds over healthcare costs and they are proposing getting rid of meal breaks and also freezing hourly salaries. rick perry can keep them from shooting. give guns to teachers. knee jerk gun legislation is
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not the answer. instead teachers with proper training should be allowed to carry weapons on campus. >> if you go through the process and you have been duly backgrounded and trained and you are a concealed hand fun individual, you should be able to carry any handgun in this state. texas has seen a boom in sales. some say they are buying guns for protection and others say it will make it difficult to buy weapons in the future. and flags all over the bay area will stay at half staff. many schools have counselors for their students. they are also calling parents
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making sure their children are safe and they say they have several lockdown procedures in place. a popular toy is being recalled. water balls and other varieties can cause a big problem if a child swallow lows them. they can expand and grow to 400 times the size. a little girl had to have it surgery removed after she swallowed it. they could raise it and it will need a simple majority to paths. >> everybody behaving out there? >> i would say so, dave, we did
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have a better day than we had yesterday and steve will let us know what to expect for the afternoon commute but this morning we are dry and it looks pretty good getting to 880. sunole traffic looks good if you are driving on the union commute, that is a nice looking drive and now let's go to steve. in fact, some of the allegations shows dry area in the north and 33 miles per hour at the half-moon airport and lane warmer but not much closer to the coast and bay. dave? a school threat in pleasant hill and we have the latest information on the cools that were -- schools that were
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forced to go on. and the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street and pam has the opening stock numbers.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, getting ready to ring that bell in new york. there is a lot of optimism over the fiscal cliffs and possibly a deal getting closer as we have been talking about the president, president barack obama and house speaker john boehner, they are talking about that income level, house speaker john boehner requesting a million and now they are offering maybe a $400,000 deal so that has been a sticking
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point and for stocks around the world, they are all up and it looks like we are headed up as well. we will have the business news coming up. >> we will smile and say good morning, it is tuesday december 18, i am dave clark. >> and time now 6:30, we are tracking where a suspected dui driver hit a farenheit dan. tara moriarty has a -- with a -- hit a fire hydrant. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: it was wet but it was about 5 inches high earlier this morning and the whole area was flooded. they shut the water off about a half hour ago. public works crews were out and let's go to a picture of what it looked like earlier this
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morning and police tell us the water was shotting up all the way into the air and it all started when a driver was driving and they had to shut down both sides of the road and the driver was found a short distance away. >> the driver was eventually stopped further down san hill -- sand hill road and he was stopped for dui. >> what did he have to say? >> he was stopped for further investigation and he was apologetic particular. >> reporter: he was arrested for suspected dui and it took several hours. it was difficult for them to find that and they are still out here trying clean up all
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the debris but because this is such a busy intersection, they are hoping to bring it all out when commuting picks up. first responders were taken to the hospital in a redwood city mobile home. firefighters were called to a home at 8:15 last night. they set off a bug fogger but did not leave the home. they called 911 after feeling the affects of the fogger and three firefighters, 2 par med particular and firefighters are expected to be okay. that person had to be treated for smoke inhalation. the fire started on geraldine
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avenue. and police are investigators threat in the mt. diablo school district. allie rasmus is here to tell us about a phone call that led to schools being locked down. raleigh? >> reporter: it is 6 through 8th grade but another school and a nearby daycare were also affected and went into lockdown when somebody made a threaten being phone call at the office. >> the caller stated, you are next and hung up. the school immediately located the day care and another school next door. all schools did a great job to make sure students and teachers were inside. police quickly arrived to secure both campuses. >> they sent that recorded
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phone message to all parents in the district explaining the content of the call and the school's response to it. after police were notified, they came and checked the area and determined there was no threat. if are a full investigation has been run launched. when they dame to check on their kids any parent who has been fringier print -- fingerprinted beforehand, they say parent involvement is another great way to add another layer of protection to schools and campuses. new this morning, a private equity company said it will sell its steak in a gun
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manufacturer. the freedom group, they have identified them as the main weapon and they are revealing an investment after the school massacre. well the national rifle association has been very quiet following the school shooting. the gun control advocates protested outside offices in washington d.c. the n ra has not made any statements since the shooting and its facebook page days period. following other mass shootings, they have defended the rights of gun owners. they are stirring debate and some concerns told the to town counsel.
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reporter renee marsh shows us more on how people are trying to get back to their lives, renee? >> reporter: pam, another difficult day in newtown connecticut and all week we'll see funeral after funeral and the next two children to be laid to rest will be charlotte helen bacon and jessica rekos, both were six years old. >> reporter: two more little victims will be laid to rest. on monday morning, they said a final goodbye to jack pinto. >> it was very sad, the hadn't -- family took it very hard. >> and then they began to say good toy noah pozner.
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>> i started to cry. >> monday supplies and equipment were moved to a school in a neighboring town where sandy hook elementary students will return to class. >> we are putting our arms around people. >> it's still unknown by the 22- year-old gunman did this. >> we know, in connecticut, the people of newtown want to know what happened and we are going to do that and provide them any and all information and we will paint a crystal clear picture as much as we possibly can. >> reporter: and now atf is focusing their attention on all gun ranges in this area and we now know investigators have found out the shooter used to
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go to target practice. >> thank you, renee. let's check in with sal, how are you roads and the bridges? pretty good so far, we have had a couple of minor incidents and traffic is getting busier and as you look at some of these pictures, you can see it is also slowing antioch. the traffic nearby on 680 still looks good heading south. it is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay and as we get closer to christmas, people will be taking vacations and such and that will make it easier for those of us who have to continue to work. if you are driving on the freeway southbound and it gets
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better. and they will continue to drop no watches or warnings in much of the behave area and temperature is dropping cold and breezy today. also tonight into tomorrow, we will focus our attention to thursday into friday. that north wind with shower activity and the warmer air in the oceans are sue potting that. we have a few high clouds or a few puffy clouds popping up but mainly cold and breezy the cold air is rising late in the afternoon so it will be a raw day. 30s and 40s and the temperatures continue to go down. they will be single digits tomorrow, our -- cure rica 3 --
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eureka 32 and ukiah 22. showers along the coast mainly to the north and lower 50s, up to the north, the warmer temperatures will be closer to the bay. then we increase the clouds and it looks like a steady rain and then a heavy rain on saturday. a potential sinkhole, what they are doing on marsh creek road to prevent it from getting worse. live where somebody drives their car through a video store and why police say it is
6:42 am
impossible. we will have more on your bay area forecast and traffic, stay tuned.
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. upper 50s and lower 40s today. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
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following at 6:53 just ten minutes ago, house speaker john boehner said they should push forward with plan "b" and keep tax the from going up on most americans in january. yesterday president barack obama offered to raise taxes on households making more than 400,000 a year. police are investigating a threat made to a middle school and two schools were on lockdown. somebody called yesterday saying you are next and hung up. police searched both schools and no threats were found. after the deadly shooting massacre in newtown, the schools are open again this morning except for sandy hook elementary school. meantime police are continuing their investigation and two more young victims will be laid to rest today.
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developing news from concord, a video store is now boarded up after a car came through the window just hours ago. tara moriarty is at the scene and they say it was no accident. >> reporter: there is a sign that says they are closed until tomorrow and employees are still inside cleaning up. there were dvds strewn all over the floor after somebody drove through on purpose and police say thieves smashed through in order to steal items from a display case. it happened at the clayton valley shopping center and an alarm triggered calls to police and when officers arrived it was dramatic looking with a silver honda sitting in the middle of the store. it was registered out of
6:47 am
redwood city and they believe it was stolen. they are not sure if the other driver ran off. she was shocked and has been here for the past few hours sweeping up glass and the store boarded the area up to prevent any other looting. they have surveillance cameras but it is pointing towards the cash registers so it will no- show any clues. -- it will not show any clues. live in concord, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. right now, one lane of contra costa is closed because of a potential sinkhole. crews knocked down morgan because a culvert is failed and
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a potential sinkhole was found. people will be able to access their homes. they are accused of breaking into a house and stealing rifle. police say the boys broke into the house on irene drive yesterday and were seen running with a rifle case. both were captured and arrested after a foot chase. the when they questioned them they said they would use the rifle on police if they came too close. the 14-year-old is in juvenile hall and the 12-year-old was returned to his parents. temple sports is due to open on university avenue near blossom hill road. it will serve hunting fishing
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target sports and law enforcement communities but at a town hall meeting people are upset the issue was never presented to the public. the stores would not be a affected unless the stores expand or move. the newtown post office has received more than 100 calls from people wanting to send cards and care packages. now there is a special post office box for people who want to send condolences. postal workers say they already expect the box to be filled many times. here is more on why so many people are sending holiday cards instead of clicking on
6:50 am >> i do both. so far so good with our commute. >> it is a novelty. remember the old days when there was no traffic, i was doing something else. let's look at what we have, the bay bridge toll plaza is moving along relatively well, there is a decent commute, well for the morning, there is a 15 to 20 minute delay, when you think about the commute, let's see there are no major problems. we do have slowed traffic and san mateo and dumbarton looks good as things are getting more
6:51 am
crowded. we will have freeze warnings and frost advisories and the cold air is working its way in, but it will be brisk and breezy, mostly sunny. but very cold tomorrow morning and we go from the clouds to right into the weekend with mountain snow and snow will be around 4500 feet and we will tweet it as we get closer. we will have shower activity along with the ocean temperatures right along parallel to the coast and you may get clouds and brief showers and inland it is too dry. 30s on the temperatures and we have some upper 20s in knap and santa rosa and i would not be surprised if we don't see a lot of it. i think cold and windy are, it
6:52 am
is going to send in three systems from monday night to tuesday. sunday looks to be the strongest of all of them and okay for christmas day, one to two inches and we will fine tune that. along the coast, we will have cloud build ups and some of the higher elevations as well. upper 40s and 5 ross. livermore -- 50s. santa cruz is the warmest at 55. very cold wednesday morning and we will have all sorts of frost advisories and rain moves in and for everybody friday saturday and into sunday. a federal judge has denied apple a request. apple wanted them to stop selling where they illegally
6:53 am
used that technology. but the judge said banning the old phones is too harsh a punishment as it covers hundreds of pat tents. they are up $5 a share and $125 a share but many technical industries are asking if they could fall below $500 a share. apple's stock has fallen when it stopped $700 and some say they share a target business when it continues to reroad but others say value investors will step in. >> apple just comes out with everything everybody has to have. why would anybody do that? what happened to a special christmas tree and what is being done to keep it from
6:54 am
happening again? and they are planning to mark the withdrawal of most troops from iraq.
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. time now 6:55, the event will happen at noontime at the
6:57 am
san francisco building on federal street. one year after troops left, security in iraq is still a problem. yesterday 29 people were killed and dozens more were wounded in bombings across iraq. the president as well had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. two people were seriously hurt after being hit by a car in oakland. it happened near lake marin. a man and woman were hit in the crosswalk and they were taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition and the other has serious conditions. the mall was evacuated as a fire broke out in a restaurant. firefighters rushed to the westfield on market street at 8:15 last night. there was smoke in the building and they found it was coming
6:58 am
from inside a restaurant. they put out the flames is and nobody was hurt. for the second time in two years, somebody has stolen a living christmas tree out of chuck's yard. he planted a tree after his son died of cancer and this year, the third tree was broken off and taken away. >> if he had knocked on my door i would have bought him a tree and it would not be the first time i would buy somebody a christmas tree. >> he said he has been downsizing his holiday display and next year he will just string some lights on his front porch. well, it is busy there, not too bad with a nice display.
6:59 am
it is a normal commute and nothing is out of the ordinary. let's move to the freeway, that is getting busier heading south. it is getting partly cloudy, along the mendocino coast, cold and one of did i today, upper 40s and lower 50s for many. concern at local schools, the threats bay -- bay area police are taking very seriously in the wake of the newtown shooting. and first responders needed help, stay right here with us.


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